The 30 Day Plan To FASTER Fat Loss

Have you ever looked at someone who’s toned, ripped, or doesn’t have that extra pouch and wondered what they did differently?

Or why a thin person can eat whatever they want and not gain weight?

Trust me…

There are many people who are envious of their lean counterparts – partly because they want the thin body – and partly because they may be jealous.

And this may lead to someone going on a diet, a weight loss plan, or exercise plan in order to control their weight, lose weight, or get lean and tone.

For example, each year, roughly one-third of people are on a “diet”…

Now, this time of year, there may be an increase in the amount of people on a diet.

And, although sad, 80 percent of those people will probably fail at their weight loss goals.

Back to the previous questions…

You may be wondering what thin people know that you don’t.

The truth is: what they do know is nothing special at all…

Three Secrets to Keep Yourself Thin

Many people who have lost weight – and kept it off – follow some simple, yet very effective guidelines in order to keep their weight in check.

Things like weighing in regularly (Instead of once a week), eating what they want (and not feeling guilty), and exercising are all tips that may create a positive atmosphere for weight loss and weight maintenance.

But these three tips ahead are some of the easiest things you can include – everyday – which may promote greater weight loss, fat loss, and give you an overall thin, lean, body.

Three Common Tips that Skinny People Practice – Religiously

1. Everyday Breakfast Eaters
A National Registry of former overweight or obese individuals – who lost a good majority of their weight and kept it off – had one thing in common:

They all ate breakfast!

In fact, 78 percent of them ate breakfast – which single-handedly could be the most important meal of the day.

And those who ate breakfast were more likely to be thin and maintain their weight than people who didn’t eat breakfast.

One surprising statistic: those who didn’t eat breakfast, compensated by eating more throughout the day.

And this resulted in them matching the calories of people who ate breakfast.
This may lead to excess weight gain due to an over-consumption of foods.

2. Includes THESE Foods Everyday
One thing that most thin people do is they eat normal foods like everyone else.

But they do this one thing first:

They eat a hearty salad, fruits and vegetables, or water based soups before their meal.

Water-filled foods – which most fruits, vegetables, water-based soups, and cooked grains contain – have been shown to fill you up and make you feeling satisfied.

And this may go a long way to curbing your appetite when your meal comes, or when the dessert round makes its way to your table.

Most fruits, vegetables, and cooked grain have a heaping portion of fiber, which slows digestion, regulates blood sugar, and keeps your weight in check.

3. NEVER Skip a Meal
Along the lines of number one, skipping meals is a no-no among many thin people.


They know that skipping meals may lead to hunger, which may easily lead to overeating at your next meal.

And that may lead to poor food choices – which may be nothing but empty calories and may even make you hungrier!

What do they do?

Instead of waiting until they are so hungry they feel their stomach will eat itself, they wait until they are ready, then they eat a healthy, well-balanced meal.

They eat just enough food to make them feel satisfied…

They eat slower…

And they include water, to not only fill them up, but properly hydrate their bodies.

Take home message here: DO NOT SKIP MEALS! Your hips, butt, thighs, and abs may end up paying a very dear price!

Read, Learn, Adopt
Losing weight doesn’t have to be a hard experience.

Granted, not everyone will benefit from ALL the tips and secrets out there.

But the key is finding what works for you, adopting those tips, and utilizing them to lose weight and get in the BEST shape of your life.

Adopting one tip per week - or every two weeks - may enable you to slowly take baby steps to losing weight.

And this may lead to better overall weight maintenance, due to slowly taking the weight off, and practicing healthier lifestyle habits.

Remember, roughly 80 percent of dieters fail on one – or MORE – of their weight loss attempts!

Including these 3 tips may help you stay in the 20 percent and could even help you get the body of your dreams!
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By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES