3 Snack Foods You Think Are Healthy (They Aren't)

As you know, the right foods will determine how much fat you will burn in a given day.
Of course, the times you eat those foods and how much of the foods you eat also play a rather large role in your body’s ability to burn fat.
Now, this makes perfect sense when speaking about your major meals, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
But what about those times in between when you just need that little pick me up?
Are the snacks you’re eating causing you to secretly put on weight, or more importantly, fat?
What you may not know is that those “healthy” snacks that you’re eating, well, they may not be healthy at all!
What are the worst offenders?
Three of the WORST Snack Offenders
Have you ever been sitting at your desk and felt the familiar rumblings in your stomach that you need to eat?
Or, have you experienced that time of day when your energy drops, leaving you a tired, no-good mess?
These are scenarios that may occur more times than not.
But what do you do?
Do you grab the first thing that appeals to your eye in the vending machines?
Or do you grab a prepared food cup or some other snack that you deem “healthy”?For most people, they either grab something that they have already brought with them, or they opt for the vending machine snack.
And guess what?
Some of the snacks that you are bringing in may be just as bad as the vending machine snacks!
Here are the top three worst snack offenders:
1. Canned Fruit
Now, looking at canned fruit on the outside, you would think this is a pretty good option.
But you would be sorely mistaken!
Most varieties of canned fruit contain added sugar, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners, which only makes this a fat trap in a can.
Besides that, the liners of the can may contain harmful BPA – something shown to cause cancer and other ill-health effects – which could do nothing but ruin your health.
In some studies, BPA has even been linked to lower hormone levels and greater fat gain.
Healthy Option: opt for fresh fruit or frozen fruit. Fresh or frozen fruit is an effective means for getting fruit at the height of the season, therefore preserving all the potent vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are contained in the fruit.
Plus, fresh or frozen fruit is closest to the fruits' natural source, therefore, it doesn’t contain added sugar, preservatives, or other nasty fat-boosting chemicals.
2. Rice Cakes
These treats are advertised as a low-calorie option to get you through the morning or afternoon.
However, these simple cakes contain plenty of processed white rice, which is a no-no for any fat-loss seeker.
You see, processed white rice – or processed carbs – may create spikes in your blood sugar, which could cause a rollercoaster in your energy levels.
Too many refined carbs (sugar) = too much insulin = greater fat storage.
Plus, they may have sugar and salt-laden toppings, which only further worsens the health profile of this cake.
Healthy Option: have a couple tablespoons of all-natural almond butter and an apple. Not only will you gain the natural sugars from the apple (and the fat-fighting benefits of pectin), but you also will get plenty of appetite suppressing protein from the almond butter.
And, the almond butter contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are perfect for boosting heart health.
3. Microwave Popcorn Popcorn may be a low-calorie snack option when prepared the correct way.
Air-popped popcorn provides a low-calorie and low-fat snack alternative.
However, microwaved popcorn, on the other hand, may be one of the WORST snacks you can have if you want to lose fat.
Most brands of microwave popcorn contain too many calories (from butter and oil) and are also loaded with salt, which may make you retain water.
And, microwave popcorn is one of the products that have plenty of trans-fats in it – making it the NUMBER ONE worst snack for overall health and fat loss.
Healthy Option: choose air-popped popcorn. Not only is it low in calories, but it is also low in fat and free from any added trans-fats.
AVOID These Three Snack Options
If you want to lose fat, then you need to do the RIGHT things to put your body in a fat-burning mode.
Things like: eating right, exercising, reducing stress, and making better food choices all play a role in your body’s ability to burn fat – and keep it off.
This goes for ALL your meals, including your snacks.
If you’re not choosing the right snack options, then chances are you may go off the fat loss track pretty easily.
But, if you avoid these three common “healthy” snacks, then you may find that your body is a fat-burning – instead of fat storing – machine.
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