The Easiest Way To Reduce Food Cravings

More evidence has been released indicating that a high-protein breakfast may increase satiety and reduce your food cravings, according to a small study published in the journal Obesity.

University of Missouri researchers looked at brain signals linked to food motivation and reward behaviors that are eating-related, in ten obese adolescent girls.  

These girls usually skipped breakfast.

For three weeks, the girls were given either a 500 calorie normal-protein breakfast, a high-protein breakfast, or no breakfast at all. 

Three hours after implementing one of these three options, they noticed there were differences in brain activity, and the differences were greater with those who had consumed the high-protein breakfast - meaning that their hunger levels were decreased and their fullness or satiety lasted longer.  

This leads to less snacking, overeating, and weight gain.  
Most people know that incorporating a healthy breakfast is a good thing to live a healthier life; but even though this study was small, it further supports past studies showing just how important breakfast is.  It also shows that a high-protein breakfast is more effective at controlling hunger than a normal-protein breakfast.  

If you don't like eggs for breakfast, here are some other options to fulfill your high-protein breakfast.  
1.  Greek Yogurt
2.  Whey protein added to pancakes or waffles
3.  Whey protein smoothie
4.  All Natural Prograde Lean Meal Replacement made with Stevia

Now if you do like eggs, that opens up even more possibilities for a high-protein breakfast.
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Obesity (2011)  Published online ahead of print. doi:10.1038/oby.2011.108  “Neural Responses to Visual Food Stimuli After a Normal vs. Higher Protein Breakfast in Breakfast-Skipping Teens: A Pilot fMRI Study”  Authors: Heather J. Leidy, Rebecca J. Lepping, Cary R. Savageand Corey T. Harris


  1. Eat several moderate-sized meals throughout the day. This may be the real "secret" to ending food cravings. Eating a small, healthy meal or snack every 2 or 3 hours is a technique used by most fitness pros - because it works! By "grazing" like this throughout the day you won't get hungry and your metabolism and energy levels will stay elevated all day long. Also, your willpower will stay intact because you're not starving yourself.
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