Cure It With Tea

Take a break from coffee. Let healthy brews lift you this season.

How to brew:
Pour 8 ounces of almost-boiling water over 1 teaspoon of leaves, and steep. (Don't use this method with pu-erh tuocha, which you should boil.) Day's preferred pot: the Finum Tea Control glass teapot.

Genmaicha: Best for an afternoon pick me up. This Japanese green tea is mixed with roaste rice kernels. It has a savory smell, almost like popcorn.

Sur le Nil: Best for after-dinner relaxing. Its flavor is more delicate than that of many green teas. Think of it as chamomile-plus, with hints of lemon and spice.

High mountain oolong: Best for relaxing after work. It's made with thick tea leaves, which gives it a full floral flavor with an earthy finish-good balance for before dinner.

Wood dragon oolong: Best for guys who've quit coffee. Because it contains more stem than leaf, this strong, woodsy brew has significantly less caffeine than other oolong teas.

Honey phoenix oolong: Best for Wintertime defrosting. It's a robust tea, with a flavor almost like a cherry pit. That makes it sweet, with a tinge of bitterness.

Vanilla rooibos: Best for dessert-and not just because it's free of caffeine. you'll taste a light sweetness followed by a creamy finish.

Cassis: Best for snapping awake on a cold morning. This black tea is rich and powerful. You'll taste black currants, with a sweet, dry finish.

Pu-erh tuocha: Best for coffee drinkers. It's strong and earthy, and has a kick of caffeine. The black tea comes from pressed into nuggets, which break apart when you boil them.

Sencha: Best for Green-tea beginners. It's sweet and mellow, without the bitter bite of some other green brews. Sip it with sushi or dessert.