3 Lower Body Stretching Exercises

One crucial part of every workout which many people ignore is stretching. Doing stretching exercises before and/or after the workout is completed (or even between sets) is very important.
In this article I want to share with you 3 simple lower body stretches. Do these to reduce the risk of injury, minimize muscle strain and improve your well-being.
So, let's get started with these stretches...
Calf Stretch with a Stair
This exercise will stretch out your calves. To do it properly you will need a stair or an aerobic step. However, you may even be able to do it while standing on a thick book. In this example I will use a stair.
Stand on the stair with one foot while the other is held in the air. Hold onto something to maintain stability. Move your foot back so your heel is also in the air and only the front part of your foot is still on the stair. Slowly lower your heel and feel the stretch in your calf. Hold this position for up to 10 seconds. Release and repeat. Don't forget to stretch both legs.
Lying Hamstring Stretch
This stretch will target the hamstring muscles. To do this, you need to first lie down on the floor with both legs stretched out straight. Raise one leg with its knee slightly bent. Grab this leg with both hands just above the knee and extend the leg up toward the ceiling. Feel the stretch and hold it for a few seconds. Release and repeat with the other leg. You should do each stress a number of times.
Standing Thigh Stretch
This common stretch is well known but it is often performed poorly. Here's how you do it properly:
Stand straight with one leg bent fully so that your heel is close to your buttocks. Grab that leg with its corresponding hand about the heel (right hand for right leg). Bend your other knee slightly. Feel the stretch in the held leg.
A few common mistakes that people make:
1. They don't bend the leg on which they remain standing.
2. Some bend their upper body forward, believing that this extends the stretch and makes it better. Not so, you should remain upright. The stretch comes from the leg, not from the upper body.
Do these 3 lower body stretches following any lower body workout. You will feel much better for doing so.
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Jonathan Dunsky is an avid fitness writer.

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