Thigh Toning Exercises

Thigh toning exercises are those exercises carried out so that one is able to decrease the amount of fat around their thighs so as to be more fit and firm. Not all big legs and thighs are genetic therefore almost anybody can indulge in the exercises of thigh toning in order to get legs and thighs that are toned and look super sexy. However, these exercises don't require a lot of equipment, in fact, all one needs is their body, a weight towel and weights. The classic leg lifts work very effectively and thus should not be excluded for any reason. However, there are a few other things one should have during their workout sessions.
With thigh toning exercises, one should remember that these exercises should be added to an overall fitness plan. The thighs will be well toned but the use of these exercises alone won't show the toned muscles. Therefore, one also needs a good aerobics program. However, it is important to note that spot reduction is indeed a myth, as one would need to reduce fat in each body part to get the best results. Therefore, aerobic exercise comes in very handy.
Moreover, for 'just you and the towel' one should consider the following exercises of thigh toning while standing. You begin by standing on a single foot, and a chair can be used or even a rail which will help with balance. The leg that is on the air should then be bent at the knee and the foot directly in front of the other knee. One should then very slowly raise that foot and hold it upright then lower, repeating the same process. Resistance can be applied by one pressing down with the hand which is free. The same should be repeated for the other leg. Another form of thigh toning exercise that one can do while standing is the lift of the crossed leg. This can be done almost anywhere because one doesn't require any extra equipment. Similar to the ballet raise, one stands tall on a single leg and crosses the other right in front of it. The raised leg should be very straight and the toes should be stretched out forward. It is a very simple move and one should hold a leg up and count to five then repeat the process as they lower the foot. Immediately there is a burning sensation in the leg, one should switch to the other leg. It would also be a good idea to add some ankle weights.
Another very effective form of thigh toning exercise is where one uses a weight together with a swiss ball and it is good for both inner and outer thighs. The ball is placed between one's back and a wall. The ball should be around the center of the back and the weight of the hand weights should be according to the level of fitness of an individual. With one's feet spread apart, they should squat in slow motion as the ball rolls on the wall. One should hold for about five seconds then go back to the initial position.
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