Preventing Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness

One of the best ways to deal with any problem, delayed onset of muscle soreness included, is through prevention. Preventing muscle soreness in the first place will of course prevent the problem of DOMS, or at least greatly reduce it. How can you prevent delayed onset of muscle soreness right from the start?
Slow and Steady
One of the best ways to prevent delayed onset of muscle soreness is by taking it slow. You don't have to go full-out in the gym or in your exercise routine; indeed, the harder you go, the more likely it is that you will have problems. Keep in mind the 10% rule; as you grow accustomed to a level of exercise, increase the level of difficulty by not more than 10% and you will both build muscle and get fit without hurting yourself. It takes time for your body to accustom itself to extra work, so don't push it.
You should also make sure to avoid doing sudden changes in your workout and sudden increases in the amount of exercising or reps you do in your workout. Instead, build up to the big leagues over time. Not only will this save you on delayed onset of muscle soreness, but you will also get a thorough grounding in how to do the various exercises which means you can get the most out of them.
Warm Up/Cool Down
Another really good way to prevent delayed onset of muscle soreness, as well as injury, is to make sure you warm up thoroughly before any activity and then cool down. You can do this by making sure to stretch before exercising as well as after, and doing a slow warm up which can be slow-motion renditions of the exercise you intend to embark in or things like a slow jog. This gets your muscles warmed up and ready for activity. The cool down is another series of stretches which are designed to help your muscles relax again and settle back into a normal configuration. Don't skip your stretches or you could really end up hurting yourself, not to mention increase the chances of DOMS.
Hire a Personal Trainer
If you're really lost as to where to begin or you need someone hovering over your shoulder to watch you and keep you going, there are many advantages to hiring a personal trainer. The trainer can guide you through your exercise routine properly and make sure that you do your warm up and cool down properly. He or she can also help you deal with delayed onset of muscle soreness if you need it.
Most of all, by being sensible about your workout, being safe, and taking it slowly, you can prevent the onset of DOMS and get far more out of your workout. This means you'll lose weight faster, gain more muscle, and be less uncomfortable while doing it. Slow down, make sure you do your warm ups and cool down routine and ask for help as you need it and you will find that preventing the delayed onset of muscle soreness isn't too difficult after all.
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