How to Do Abdominal Workouts the Correct Way

Do you have an ab exercise program that's a lot of work but it just doesn't seem to be giving you any results? Don't worry, this is rather common when it comes to ab workouts. The reason for this is you are not doing the correct type of exercises to get rock hard abs. So let's review the right elements necessary for a winning ab workout routine.
So quit whatever ab workout, like crunches, you are doing and switch to doing squats. It's kind of strange to say start doing squats to get ripped abdominals but the truth of the matter is that squats are the top exercise to improve your abs. Why? Squats are known to speed up your metabolic rate. When this happens you will start to quickly burn off your stomach fat.
Next, there are a few core exercises that you can do to strengthen your mid section. So, the next exercise you want to start doing is commonly called the Mountain Climber. To do this ab exercise, you need to get into position on the floor like you are about to do a push-up. You don't uses your arms but instead you are going to be moving your legs.
The exercise is easy. You bring one leg forward, knee bent, then back to the straight position. Then do the same with the other leg. To better picture this abdominal exercise, imagine how your legs would move if you were climbing the side of a mountain.
Now you will need to add what I call the modified ab crunch move. This does require you to use an exercise ball. Place the mid part of your body on the ball while your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are slightly bent. Then do a crunch. Be sure not to move your neck but rather move your entire upper body.
Since you have the exercise ball now, you may as well us it again by doing push ups with it. Place your feet on either side of the exercise ball. Squeeze the ball and slowly rock the ball back and forth.
Some food for thought on ab exercises. This is a much better workout that burns off belly fat and sculps your abdominals. These are just a small sample how to do a proper ab program so you have a better idea how to properly do an abdominal workout.
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