You Don't Need Weight Training

Now, you may think that someone dropped a weight plate on my head for me to make such a controversial statement, but the reality is that you don’t “need” weight training to annihilate body fat and obtain a lean, attractive body.
Does this mean that I now feel that weight training is worthless?  Of course not.  But I do feel that bodyweight training has a LOT of benefits, and even a number of benefits that conventional weight training does not.
Benefit #1 – No equipment or gym membership required.  With bodyweight training, you don’t need a single piece of equipment.  Not a single dumbbell, exercise ball, or resistance ball.  No gym membership or even “home gym” required—the only thing you need is you…brining me to the next “benefit”.
Benefit #2 – You can burn fat ANYWHERE.  Whether you are traveling or at home, in a hotel room or your own room, outside or inside, you can perform bodyweight workouts exactly as they are meant to be performed.
You don’t have to worry about what gym you’re going to train at while on the road, or how you’re going to manage to get an effective workout in that crappy hotel fitness center—you just do the same exact fat-burning workout you’d do while at home…even if you don’t have access to ANY equipment…because you don’t need it.
But if convenience and portability aren’t the only benefits of bodyweight training, in fact bodyweight possesses functional benefits that most weight training workouts don’t.  For example:
Benefit #3 – You’ll build Relative Strength.  That just means you’ll be very strong relative to your weight. Relative strength is directly correlated to high performance, injury prevention and functionality in everyday life
Benefit #4 – You’ll ignite your nervous system.  Bodyweight training allows you to move in every possible range of motion. To do this, you have to improve the timing and coordination of your movements. This means you’ll force your nervous system to work harder, recruit more muscle and burn more fat.
Benefit #5 – Unmatched metabolic demand and calorie burn.  Stringing bodyweight exercises together is the BEST way to create a super intense metabolic workout that will burn tons of fat both during and AFTER your session. Because you don’t have any cumbersome equipment, you can quickly move from one exercise to another without rest.
Those are some pretty serious benefits.


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