100 Times Better Than 100% Whole Wheat

“100% Whole Wheat” seems to be the buzz word when someone is in the bread isle trying to shop healthy.

Most people would choose 100% Whole Wheat bread as a “healthy” option.  If you do, it’s important to look for ‘Cracked Wheat’. Looking for ‘Cracked Wheat’ tells you that the whole grain has been used in the flour.

There is a better option to 100% Whole Cracked Wheat though.  And that’s Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Grain bread.

Is 100% Whole Wheat bread bad?  No, but Ezekial bread is just 100 times better.  Organic, Sprouted, 100% Whole Grain flourless bread.  And a 2-slice serving even contains 8 grams of complete protein (and 6 grams of fiber).  So yes, it’s better.