Twenty Minute Workout Extraordinaire

Ideally, both aerobic and strength training should be a part of an exercise session. The issue is, many people dislike doing cardio and will make up a reason not to do it. A lot of people claim to not have enough time in their schedule. Please keep reading to discover how you can reap the benefits from a well-constructed cardio workout that only takes 20 minutes.

First off, why should you add cardio to your workout routine? It is very beneficial to do strength training workouts. All it takes is a glance around the gym, at all the toned, hard bodies to see why. But why strive to get that heart rate up? What are the advantages of this?

Adding cardio to your workout reduces stress, burns calories, makes the heart and lungs stronger, reduces depression and increase confidence. It gives you more energy and helps you sleep better. To sum up, it improves your health and well-being which leads to a better quality of life. Mix this with workouts to improve muscle power and you are on the way to feeling good quick.

What is the best way to get a great twenty minute cardio session? Interval training is the way to go with cardio activities!

Short, hard workouts, that is. Simply workout as hard as you can for two minutes then slow down for two minutes. You have your 20 minutes if you repeat this cycle four more times. Or, try alternating between one minute hard and one minute easy for a total of 18 minutes.

Here is an example:

Running's an ideal exercise for interval training. You can try this outside or on a machine, as they are both similar. Begin your jog slowly and then speed it up for about two minutes. This will not be your all out. The reason being the fact that you have to maintain it for two minutes. If you tried to fully sprint, the pace would be quite hard for you. Then you slow it down, walking (or you can jog slowly) for another 2 minutes. By repeating this exercise 4 more times, you are giving yourself a great cardio workout in just 20 minutes.

This idea can be applied to all types of cardio exercises, and includes anything where you can alternate between intense movements and rest periods in two-minute increments. Or where you can rest for one minute then work for one minute.

Your blood will get moving and your heart will pump faster from the great things cardio has to offer. Who would have thought that you can accomplish so much for your body in just 20 minutes.

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