Losing Belly Fat For Six Pack Abs

Everyone wants the 6 pack abs
Correct abdominal exercises are good for toning your abs and muscles if done properly and combined with a good diet plan. However many people mistakenly think they can continue to eat what they want and end their day with 100 badly performed crunches to burn of all the calorie packed foods they tucked into their bodies throughout the day.

Look, if you are not on a good diet plan and watch what you eat, it does not matter how many abs exercises you perform, you will not reduce your belly fat and see your abs muscle tone. In fact, your tummy may even grow bigger because you are building muscle underneath the existing belly fat. So if you want to see your six pack abs, you must work off that existing fat first by eating right to lose fat and workout your entire body with weight resistance compound exercises.

Now make this clear. If your body fat ratio is not below 12%, you will never have clear six pack abs!

Another myth is that most people think that the more crunches and sit-ups they do, the faster they will get a flat belly and the faster your abs will show. That is baloney. Do you know that 20 good quality crunches are much better than 200 inferior crunches performed in the wrong form? Most people just want to get it over with so they just do as many fast and low quality crunches. Correct form is everything if you want to build muscles.

This next myth is very disturbing, at least to me. This is about spot reduction. For example, this guy will come to me and say he wants to keep the fat on his chest because it makes his chest look bigger, but wants to reduce his belly fat to get 6 pack abs.
This is ridiculous. Short of medically invasive medical procedure such as liposuction or hormonal manipulation, it is not possible to have spot reduction, at least at the time of writing this article. When you work to lose weight, your fat will come off all over your body. If you have a layer of abdominal fat, doing thousands of crunches will not make the fat there go away. You will never see any result!

So therefore, you cannot lose fat in a specific area by doing specific exercises that affect the muscles there. So the key to losing your tummy fat is to increase your body's metabolism so it can effectively get rid of those layers of excess belly fat as well as overall body fat.

Yes, we all love to have that well defined six pack to show off when we are at the beach. The trouble is most people don't realize that rock hard abs do not start in the gym, they start in the kitchen.

Your first goal should be to lose that fat, and it starts with your diet. So get expert advise to design a good diet plan that is suitable for you to lose your bodyfat. You work in the gym to build muscles so that when your excess fat is gone, your nice toned muscles can be revealed.

So now you know, the key to getting a flat belly with a well toned six pack abs is to get on a good diet plan and an excellent exercise program.
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