Drinking MORE Water

water It is mentioned that humans need at least eight glasses (@ 2 liter) of water per day. Why? This is part of the reason-

1. Without water no living human being, water is adhesive in the architectural design of the cell, preventing water damage to DNA repair mechanisms and create more efficient, because fewer abnormal DNA that is printed.

2. Water is the main solvent for all meals, vitamins and minerals. Water used in food-solving mechanism into small particles and finally in metabolism and assimilation of food.

3. Water also increases the body's absorption rate of the essential ingredients in foods, including functions to transport all the materials in the body.

4. Water helped clean the toxins from the body and took it to heart and kidney removed fatherly, water also serves as:

- The main Lubricants joint space and helps prevent arthritis and pain in the back, laxative the grease and prevent constipation, and essential for the body cooling system (perspiration) and body heating (electrical).

- Provides power and electric energy for all brain functions, especially functions of thought, can help prevent attention deficit disorder in children and adults.

- Increase the grace of our attention and refreshing the body faster than other liquids.

- Helps reduce stress, feel nervous and depression, restore normal sleep rhythm.

- Helps reduce fatigue and provide youthfulness energy by making the skin smoother and helps reduce the effects of aging.

- Make eyes bright and excited.

- Thin the blood and prevent blood clotting when it circulated throughout the body.

- Reduce menstrual pain and sprayed heat, dehydration and blocking the production of sex hormones are one of the main causes of impotence and loss of libido.

To lose weight by drinking water is the best way, because the drinking water in time and will lose weight without having too much dieting.

In this situation, the body is forced to store fat and use the reserves of protein because they are more easily broken down than fat reserves. This is why 37% of Americans are overweight. Their bodies involved in crisis management dehydration. So, make sure your body to get adequate water intake daily.

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