Chia Seeds: Super Food Secrets

Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are a multi nutritional super grain used by the various tribes of Central, Southern America, Mexico and its tributaries and was also cultivated by the Aztecs and Mayans which were the most famous civilizations which dates back to several centuries. They were very fond of this multi nutritional grain which they often called it as super grain, there warriors consider it as a very important diet, they use it when ever they go on the long journeys, it helps to control their hunger as it is filled with fiber and is a great absorber which converts that into gel and takes a longer period of time for the enzymes to start eating the gel coating which helps them to take control over the hunger and keeps their energy levels up. A very little amount consumed by a single warrior keeps him running for the whole day!

Chia seeds are one of the oldest crops of the world and it dates back to several centuries. Chia Seeds are always known for their goodness and the benefits it provides to the human health including a relief to several other kinds of diseases. The cultivation of Chia seeds were reduced by Spaniards after the conquered the area.

Now lets see how a Chia seed is distinct than any other nutritional food or any other protein supplements, and why they are taken under consideration when talking about the diet plans as well as in exercises and why most athletes use it to develop their stamina and physical endurance.

- Till date Chia seeds are far most the most nutritious food known to man, it is way much higher in nutrients than Flax seeds which was previously considered as the most highly nutrient seeds of the world. The average of nutrients the Chia seed is composed of is about 20 to 30% of proteins, 35 to 40% oil, this oil comprises of Omega - 3 as well as Omega - 6, and the right amount of such nutrient is very important for the proper functions of cells all over the body. Along with that the oil presented in Chia seeds also contains a plenty much amount of linolenic acid and linoeic acid, both of these acids are very important for the bodily functions to work properly. Aside from that Chia seed comprises of 25 to 30% of the fiber (both Soluble and Insoluble) and high levels of major oxidants presented in he body. In short it can be said as Chia seeds contain almost every kind of vitamin and mineral that is compulsory for the human body to work properly.

- The recent study conducted on this super grain shows that only a single tablespoon of Chia seeds when consumed with water can keep an average person up for about 24 hours even with a hard physical labor. Chia seeds are also enlisted in World Health Organization and is marked as a complete diet plan.

- People having the problem of Obesity can use Chia seeds to reduce their weight to a great extinct even as much as they want, in a very specific period of time and without the pain of heavy exercises or keeping their selves hungry. They work as a hunger suppressant as the high fiber and oil content found in these seeds which act as a bulking agent which creates a barrier between digestive enzymes and the carbohydrates which slows down the process of conversion of carbohydrates into sugar, which helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. When Chia seeds reach your stomach they convert into gel, thus your brain thinks that you are already full and you won't have to eat again for quite a while, even up till 24 hours.

- When consumed by Athletes, it helps to improve their performance and they would last much more than they usually do and not only has it increased their time to play, but also their performance as their ability is to convert into gel in the stomach which blocks the uptake of the carbohydrate and thus longing the effect of carbohydrates that they usually have on their body.

- Chia seeds can also be used as a great pain reliever. It has been reported that many people suffering from the pain in joints had a great effect on them as well as also on them who are suffering from arthritis and rheumatism, it helped these patients to cut off the amount of prescribed medicines that they usually intake as they contains very high levels of Omega - 3 which gives these seeds remarkable anti-inflammatory properties.

- Chia seeds can be consumed in variety of ways. You can convert the seeds into gel by soaking them in water for the whole night, afterward this can be mixed with water, juice, or can be added to any kind of sauces, smoothies etc you can also add this paste or directly the seeds into any dish suitable and would add all the goodness of seeds into that dish, even without changing its taste. It is pretty easy to add the recommended amount of seeds into your diet therefore allowing you to get all the benefits of these seeds and the nutrients it contains.

- No side effects of Chia seeds have been reported till now. Some of the nutritional foods have adverse effect or consist of some kind of allergens that might cause allergy to some people but Chia seeds have not been reported as the source of allergy or any disease to this date however the women who are on breast feed, pregnant or the people suffering from the severe medical condition are advised first to consult their physicians before the intake of Chia seeds as they are very nutrient and might effect the condition of a severe patient, but till now nothing has been reported.

In short we can say that these seeds are the great source of nutrition and are easy to intake, digest and are also helpful in cleaning you intestines from the waste products that have been settled down. They are surely the one to be the next super food!

Afran Hamid

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