7 Factors For A Perfect Workout

I came across an interesting read yesterday regarding components to a good workout..in 7 steps.

  1. Foam Rolling: “tenderize” your muscles prior to training using a foam roller, Acuball and tennis ball.
  2. Mobility Warm Up: Use body weight exercises, dynamic stretches and static stretches prior to training
  3. Jump Exercises: Before hitting your strength training workout, do a jump exercise or medicine ball throw depending what you’ll be focusing on during training
  4. Main Exercise: Start with a superset of important exercises as your main lifts
  5. Assistance Exercises: add metabolic circuits for fat loss
  6. Ab Exercises: add in some planks, side planks, Stability Ball planks, rollouts, Ball Pikes, Jackknives & cross body mountain trainers.
  7. Interval Training: involves bursts of high intensity work alternating with periods of rest of low activity. An example would be to get on the tread mill or outside and jog for 3 min then sprint for 1 min.


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