Truth About Six Pack Abs

The honest way of getting to the truth about six abs, is to realize that there is going to be some changes that must be made and you will not do the same thing daily that you are so comfortable with doing. For example using elevators, so my first tip is to commit to stop using elevators for anything less than three flights of stairs.

Now walking up and down stairs will be some where between hard to very difficult, but this is what I meant when I said you must be willing to do something today that you did not do yesterday.And this small act must be a commitment a promise made from you to you.

The second tip is to stop eating salt if possible. It does not matter what type of studies the salt industry pays for to prove that salt is good for us, use what you already know about salt and that is you know it's bad for you no matter how much you love it or can't eat without it. I suggest you start by cutting your salt intake in half until you get use to that, then repeat every few weeks.

The third tip is to cut back on liquids, belly fat usually comes from your body retaining too much water. The best way to do this is to monitor your liquid intake for two days, then make it your goal to cut back ten percent per week until you are satisfied with your results.

Forth tip is to cut back on sugar this to causes fatty deposits all over your body. Getting someone to cut sugar out altogether from their diet is crazy for some. But if your goal is to lose lots of fat you must take some sugar out at least. Just do whatever you can to cut back little by little.

Fifth tip is to breath some fresh air daily, this will allow your lungs to operate much better remember what you really already know that breathing in air conditioner air is bad you no matter where you are at home, work or in the car.

Six and final is to stay committed to a fat loss life style, even after you reach your targets. Stay committed always.
Remember under everyone's belly is 100% truth about six abs.

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