Spices That Burn Fat

Your diet is the key to keeping your metabolism high and eating
food can actually help you to lose weight, whether this appears
counter-productive or not. It therefore seems appropriate to learn
which foods can help you burn more fat and to include them in your
diet. Spices are a great way of adding both flavor and a metabolism
boosting property to your meals. 

Black Pepper is the first of these spices to get a mention and some
studies give the figure of 8% metabolic increase after consumption.
Black pepper also stimulates gastric secretions and helps alleviate
wind and constipation. Throw into the mix the ability of black
pepper to aid your nutrient uptake and this proves itself nicely as
a great way to spice up your meals.
Turmeric is a hot and yellow spice that packs a health punch too.
It can lower blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and of course,
help reduce fat. Turmeric contains curcumin which reduces the
storage of fat tissue and blocks weight gain. Turmeric can reduce
the risk of heart disease and diabetes too - so it's more than just
a little weight loss boost.
Cinnamon is the next in this impressive line-up and this can also
reduce your blood sugar level. Cinnamon is great for your immune
system and also promotes a healthy digestive system. A well-running
digestive tract is essential for removing toxins and helping you to
lose weight. Efficient digestion will rid your body of waste
produce and clear your toxins away. There are also some people who
claim that cinnamon reduces their appetite too - and you hardly
need to count its calories either.
Ginger can work its wonders in your digestive system too and acts
as a handy metabolism booster along the way. It reduces feelings of
nausea and vomiting, increases stomach PH and eases gastric
Garlic contains oils which have a cleansing effect upon the body,
reducing toxin levels and helping weight loss in this way. Garlic
can also promote the peristalsis action which helps loosen up fat,
ready for burning. Clumps of fat can be broken down by garlic.
Apart from that, garlic goes well with herbs and other spices to
make your healthy meals even healthier, and tastier too - it's a
fat burning double whammy.
Cayenne Pepper is powerful, not only by its taste either. Just a
tiny amount of the substance can raise your metabolism quite
significantly; some have even estimated as much as a 25% metabolic
increase as a result of cayenne pepper consumption. Cayenne pepper
brings all of those nasty toxins to the surface of the blood too
and thus helps them to be carried out of your system.
Chilli Pepper is famous for its powerful kick and you can certainly
afford to use this with caution. Similar to the cayenne pepper,
it's the capsaicin to be found in chilli peppers that promotes
weight loss. One study found that adding three grams of chilli
powder could allow subjects to burn an extra 45 calories - that's
315 per week.