7 Tips For Definition

Read on below for your free 7 tips for definition.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time

Time, your best ally. Give your program time to work. Some “pros” can drop 50 pounds of fat in 8-weeks. Others, it will take an entire year to get rid of 50 pounds of fat. Don’t underestimate how much time it will take to get yourself defined. Most likely you have more fat to lose than you think. Get your body fat measured and plan to lose at least 1% of your fat each week.

For most people, it takes 12 to 16 weeks, to get below the lean threshold so if you plan on being ripped for summertime, you’re already behind, let’s get started today.

2. Use The Mirror

Bodybuilding is a visual sport. If it appears you need to lose more fat, then you do. The mirror does not lie. Go by what you see, not by what numbers on a scale tell you. Plus, don’t feel like a narcissist for looking at yourself in the mirror. The mirror is the equivalent of your bank account and a simple reflection of the amounts of withdrawals and deposits you’ve made. As my Dad always warns me, “Just don’t fall in love with yourself, Vince.” (Every one is guilty of a little narcissism and I’m the first one to admit it).

3. Eat For Definition

Training is important but rely on nutrition to lead the way to leanness. Think of it this way: you could train 4-hours a day and still not get lean, ripped and defined if your nutrition is not right. Getting defined requires you to currently be on a good nutritional program before you begin your definition diet. If your nutrition is poor before you start cutting calories, you will end up losing muscle while your fat persists.

4. Weigh Less Each Week

Only genetic freaks or people on steroids can can go on a definition diet and gain muscle weight at the same time. You’ll have to lose weight on the scale to lose the fat. Bodybuilders hate seeing the scale go down because they work so hard to see it go up. Remember, the lean threshold. Once you get into that 10% fat zone, you’ll in fact appear larger and more muscular. That’s what happens when you get defined.

5. Eat Only Clean Calories

You know that clean calories come from vegetables, along with some fruits; proteins, including fish chicken and lean beef; carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes and whole grains; good fats like fish, olive oil, and flax seed oils.

Understand how to get defined properly: nourish your muscles with clean calories to melt the fat and not lose muscle. If you cut all the carbs and fats from your diet, you’ll lose muscle, which is dangerous and can lead to other problems.

6. Don’t Use Calculators

Unless you don’t have access to a mirror in your home (notice my sarcasm), you don’t need formulas or calculators. Rely on the mirror. The only time you need to do some number crunching is before you begin your definition diet. Estimate how much fat you need to lose and step on the scale once a week to ensure your dropping at 1% per week. The mirror will ultimately tell you if you need to make adjustments.

Formulas that tell you to eat X number of calories and X number of grams per pound of bodyweight etc are good for complete beginners who need a starting point. However, what if the formula does not work for you?

The mirror will never fail you. The formulas will. Stick to the foundational principles of training hard 5-6x a week and eating 5-6 meals a day and make regular adjustments based on your bodies changes.

7. Stick To The Plan

Most people never reach their goals because they quit too soon. They don’t trust the program or trust their efforts. Getting defined takes time so figure out what keeps you motivated and use it. Don’t wait for somebody else to motivate you and don’t wait for “a better time” in your life. It will NEVER come. Today is better than any day so commit to your plan of getting defined and follow through to the end.