3 Meal Preparation Tips

The key to clean eating is to prepare your food in advance. I've found 3 meal preparation tips to share with you...but I think I should change the title to "3 Really Easy To Follow Meal Preparation Tips".

Tip #1: Cook Batches Of Food

For example, once a week, you can cook up a Turkey Meat Loaf, make up a pot of Chili and a pan full of Rosemary Salmon, and make microwavable meals that are very convenient. That way, when you're feeling a tad lazy, all you have to do is open your freezer, reheat and eat!

Tip #2: Pack Your Food Stratigically

Once you've cooked the food, you should definitely pack it by portion size and weight. I use Tupperware to store much of my food. If you want to freeze your food, the important thing to keep in mind is that your food should be vacuum sealed in order to lock in the freshness, as well as avoid freezer burn, which can make any meal unappetizing.

Tip #3: Invest In a Good Cooler

It's impossible to live your life in your house. There's going to be times when you'll have to leave, which is why investing in a cooler is absolutely essential. A cooler will allow you to bring your meals with you, and since most of your meals contain fruits, meats and vegetables, it's very important that you keep them cool. After all, you don't want to go home with food poisoning, right?

Little Extra Tip: Always have a protein shake on hand
Last but not least, you should always carry an extra protein shake. A protein shake is your contingency plan. If you run into a traffic jam or have to work some overtime at work, you still have your protein shake to rely on.